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PostPosted: 07 Dec 2006 04:39 
in WoW,Yea i quit my 60 mage about 3weeks before update and started playing my lock again.

He has dun1 and dun2 gear lol so his gear def isnt good.I specced em 5demonology and 46destruction.(i think im the only lock who went this route on my server lol every1 went demonology or afflic)

Ima say it right here locks are rediculously overpowered.We get(destruction) a SICK 1kdmg aoe which stuns the target and has range(u can aim it like blizzard),you can open with this and chain it with a fear and nuke,or you can save it as a heal interupter and follow it with a immolate/conflag/shadowburn while their stunned.It's rediculous how OP locks are lol and thats the 'weakest' lock spec in most peoples opinion(even tho i beat demon and afflic locks as destruct) lol i aint afraid to admit it were OP

On top of that we get a spell stone we can use over and over thats in the wand slot which takes off every bad effect on you,lol priest gets u all dotted up and 1 button from a spell stone and ur wiped clean of dots lol.

We get free healthstones which heal us for 1.2khp

We get soulstones when in case we do actually die we can pop right back up and fight basically with almost another full life lol.

Locks are so OP idk what blizz is thinking,i aint complaing tho lol nice ego boost to destroy every1 you duel or pvp.

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PostPosted: 07 Dec 2006 14:40 
PVPed a little on my warrior after this update, alot of fun lol.


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PostPosted: 07 Dec 2006 16:33 
right now classes that give me trouble have been super geared Mages and rogues(im fury speced so when a rogue pops evasion pretty hard without OP to knock them back down=/)

as fury tho most clothies have become insanely easy except the mages that nuke me for near 3k a shot lol

im probably gonna spec back MS which will make Shadow priests tougher but make things a little more fun

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PostPosted: 07 Dec 2006 18:59 
I have a 60 destruction lock and il admit they are overpowered. This is what i do,

Curse of elements
ZG trinket
AOE stun

And you forgot to mention, destruction locks now get instant cast shadowbolts when they are hit with a melee attack. It procs ALL the time.

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PostPosted: 08 Dec 2006 00:35 
Now that I, as a shadow priest can give mana and health to my entire group by using shadow spells, and fuel a warlock's damage by allowing shadow resistance loss, is back in action, all of the mages and locks are loving me.

As well as the fact that I melt face.


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PostPosted: 08 Dec 2006 02:23 
holy priests give my lock a way better fight than a shadow priest.

i flawless 90% of shadowpriests i fight no matter the gear.

they rely way to much on dots which i can take off/ward and they go down way easier than holy or even disc.

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PostPosted: 08 Dec 2006 03:41 
You must fight some stupidass shadowpriests, lol.

I'm a shadow/disc build for extra +shield, and I'm a dwarf (fear ward). No skillcoil or fear on me, I don't rely on dots, I rely on mind blast and mind flay (most efficient damage spell in game, 150 mana to cast a spell that does over 600+ damage as well as 50% speed reduction). Throw a single DoT up at the beginning to get the +__% shadow deduction debuff.

and I said I'm a friend to locks and mages because if they are in my group they gain mana when fighting as well as the fact that warlocks do more damage when my negative shadowresist debuff goes up.

In AB/AV so far over the past few days I've had no problem with killing warlocks unless they are demonologists with friends with them. Warlock + felguard + something else to hurt me = I just try and kill something randomly, haha.

And another thing, how can a shadow priest rely too much on dots when they only really have two (if you count vamp touch as a DoT, I just use it to gain mana back after dumping it with mindblast).

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PostPosted: 08 Dec 2006 04:14 
Fear ward doesnt stop deathcoil, its a horrify effect, not a fear.

Ye im a 60 demo lock atm, 0/41/10, I went destro but its just not the same since in most BGs locks are top of everyones hitlist now, I'm finding it better with the felguard stun+fear, dots then shadowbolt.

Then again, fear took a big kick in the balls this patch, same with every CC, will never last more then 8secs, but fear breaks sooo easily on a geared warlock now.

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PostPosted: 08 Dec 2006 08:34 
GohanNC15 wrote:
You must fight some stupidass shadowpriests, lol...

...I don't rely on dots, I rely on mind blast and mind flay

Sounds like you fight the kind of locks who keep felpuppy spell lock on autocast.

I'll agree tho, shadow priests are much deadlier since this patch. I'm only rockin +91 spell damage on my horribly undergeared priest and just sw:p and VT do around 2400 damage by themselves. Add in devouring plague and it's ridiculous.

Just due to VT shadow priests are now topping damage meters doing 800 dps. I don't know if shadow word:death is gonna have a +threat component on it (it don't see why it would, since it already does damage back to you, that's enough of a tradeoff) then that's just going to add ANOTHER level to priest dps in raids (hit sw:d, heal back the hp lost through VE, lather, rinse, repeat), shadowfiend and VT as extra means to regen mana. Shadow priests a competative dps class in expansion? Crazy lol.

Warriors are decent right now. The patch hurt rage a bit, but contrary to all the whiney reports from the warrior forum endless rage is NOT required to do well. I'm goin with 31/17/3 and I don't find myself hurting for rage in most situations. Its more the fact that the other classes got buffed so much and we got nerfs overall.

Hunters are seriously ridiculous tho, and what's funny is I hear SOO many people saying that "warrior nerfs were justified because such a large portion of the game is warriors", well f- hunters are just BARELY behind warrior as the class with the most numbers, and they got buffed to the teeth in this patch. Traps layable in combat, HUGE buff to arcane shot, new dps arrows, god mode on a 2 minute cooldown. There are posts in the hunter forums saying shit like "omfg we're COMPLETELY ridiculously overpowered now lol", and all the replies are like "shut up dude don't draw attention to it, just act like we got nerfed or something so they don't take it all away". What is blizzard thinking lol.

Blizzard just has a horrible time trying to balance hunters and warlocks for both pve AND pvp. Both classes are similar in the fact that they're the most mobile ranged damage class--warlocks can just toss dots and move around and it wont affect their dps as much as a mage moving around, same thing with hunters, they have to stand still to autoshot/multi/aimed, but the speed of auto/multi leaves them EXTREMELY mobile, and with the addition of the arcane shot buff they're even worse.

So as blizzard tries to balance these classes for pve by giving them more damage to be able to compete with other classes in raids, they leave that mobility aspect in there, and these classes that were already quite powerful in pvp scale EXPONENTIALLY in pvp with each buff to raid dps. I mean, every other class is limited by some other factor so that they can't do their full out dps ALL the time in pvp. Warriors and rogues, I guess paladins too (shaman and druids to a lesser degree too) are limited to melee range to do full out damage which leaves them vulnerable to being kited, and thus reducing/eliminating their dps entirely. Now classes like mage, elemental shaman, balance druid are all limited by casting times. Each of these classes has instant cast spells yes, but the spells that give them their biggest dps are all longer cast time spells thus they can't do their full dps while on the move, they have to stop and cast.

Warlocks and hunters (shadow priests to some extent also) are unique in the fact that their dps doesn't suffer as large a hit when they're moving as other ranged classes. Warlock dots tick no matter what the warlock is doing, and they provide a steady stream of ridiculous dps, along with extra pet damage which ranges from weak to decent. Hunters also can deal a fair amount of dps now just through their pets since they've been upgraded to scale with the hunter. On top of that, hunters have high damage instant casts like arcane shot now, and auto shot/multishot don't take but a half-second to get off, which means they can easily fire them off while on the run. I've beaten twinked out rogues and warriors on my hunter by kiting them across wsg when I was outleveled AND outgeared by them, simply because I could stop to get off an auto/multi every few after I hit em with concussion shot. Along with a weak serpent sting tick and pet damage, and now the new and improved arcane shot, I DESTROY with my newbie hunter lol.

Imo all blizzard needs to do to balance these classes is make a larger portion of their dps come from moves where they're required to stand still (which is of course the complete opposite of what they did in 2.0, and the reason these classes seem so ridiculous now). But it seems to me that blizzard wants to keep warlocks and hunters the "mobile" dps classes, while still allowing them to be on a competative level with the other "stationary" dps classes. The combination of these two things makes hunters and warlocks merely average in a raid setting, but DOMINANT in a pvp setting. IMO keep their damage lower but build in fights in every instance that require mobile dps. That way hunters and locks can be allowed to fill a crucial role in a raid setting, without being completely overpowered in pvp.

Wow its 6:33 AM and sleep deprivation makes me ramble on, anyway, nerf everyone else, buff warriors kthx.

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PostPosted: 08 Dec 2006 10:18 
Andy123456 wrote:
Fear ward doesnt stop deathcoil, its a horrify effect, not a fear.

Really? I must be fighting stupid locks then.


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PostPosted: 08 Dec 2006 12:55 
im enjoying the new patch atm... second wind is awesome and finally being able to put crusader on my pvp weapons and not worry bout being disarmed i love it...

my raid dps went throught the roof as fury warrior i broke over 2.3k attack power other day and was critting like mad buffed out with 35% crit:D so i was way ahead of every1 in DPS

as for pvp as i said b4 when i was fury speced locks and shadow priests were easy but rogues raped me.... as arms some locks are tough but still dont c them as a huge threat, rogues are insanely easy now, but in place of rogues owning me shadow priests do=( low rage ftl(damn PWS) mages all depends well geared mages hurt like hell so can b hard aslong as they somewhat know how to pvp

now that pally's got more dps they are easier as they spend most of their mana dpsing and dont conserve enough to heal lol

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PostPosted: 08 Dec 2006 14:29 
Spellstone used to remove all debuffs and buffs too. Now it just removes magical debuffs, its like a mass devour magic from felhunter, guess it saves felhunter time when hes raping all the horde buffs for me.

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PostPosted: 08 Dec 2006 15:22 
Spellstone used to absorb like 900magic if im not mistaken.

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PostPosted: 08 Dec 2006 16:18 
Ye, they did that and eat all buffs and debuffs, my bad Razz

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PostPosted: 08 Dec 2006 16:19 
Old spellstone:

Major Spellstone
Conjured Item
Binds when picked up
Held In Off-hand
Requires Level 55
Use: Removes all magic effects from the caster and will absorb 900 magic damage for 1 min.
Equip: Improves your chance to get a critical strike with spells by 1%.
Charges: 1 (Expendable)
Item Level 60

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PostPosted: 08 Dec 2006 17:00 
Yea u couldnt wear a 2 hander or a offhand tho back than lol and didnt they dissappear when you use it once. no thx

I like the new 1's,i always rock a spellstone instead of a wand.

And locks being a mobile class...lolol.As a mage if 3 rogues r stun lockin u its not hard to blink,nova all 3,keep runnin and kite all 3.Unless ur affliction and have the instant aoe fear u kno what happens to locks.U try n charm 1 dc the other(gl) and fear the 3rd...unless they really suck at stun locking u kno whatll happen.U charm 1 and try n spam dc(which wont go off)and u die w/o castin 1 spell lol

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PostPosted: 08 Dec 2006 20:26 
My rogue with cloak of shadows eats locks alive.

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PostPosted: 08 Dec 2006 20:41 
back in the day locks were no problem so long as you had nonne sera.

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PostPosted: 09 Dec 2006 02:05 
You would kilief.

Undead rogues with cloak of shadows u cant beat as a lock lol IMPOSSIBLE.Specially as a destruction lock.If im wrong here plz plz share ur strategy vs these because idk what to do.

They stunlock you and you really cant get them off you.

I mean with Blind,vanish,cloak of shadows,wotf,sprint and stunlocking wtf am i supposed to do.When they pop cloak or wotf i try and run and dot but they catch me and stun lock me.I try and aoestun em and immolate/conflag but they get right back on me and stunlock me or they spam blind and blind me before i can conflag,it's rediculous idk how to beat them.

UD warriors with deathwish n crap r hard to.

Maybe after a week of str8 pvpin these c- ill beat em more than i lose.I flawless priests n other locks and i beat mages hunters shammys pallys ect ect.Ud stunlock rogues and warriors man they annoy me.

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PostPosted: 09 Dec 2006 02:19 
thats y i love being UD warrior, WoTF for charm+int shout to fear the succubus away + zerker rage to get out of other fears= a pain for locks and as fury it was even easier cause even if they miraculously lived through the zerker rage timer i had Death wish, and if i really wanted them dead Recklasness+DW=2 seconds to dead lock lol

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PostPosted: 09 Dec 2006 10:55 
Kilief is a Human rogue.


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PostPosted: 09 Dec 2006 11:38 
I respecd afflication and let me tell you, OUCH. I was top of the damage meteres in pvp, and quite frankly warriors are no match to me anymore, any warrior that attacks me gets dotted up, death coiled then life drained, and by the time he gets back hes below 10% hp, so I just wait for dots to kill him, or shadowbolt him.

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PostPosted: 09 Dec 2006 11:39 
Not to mention 0.8sec howl of terror (didnt go for instant, rather have UA to annoy the hell out of priests).

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PostPosted: 09 Dec 2006 12:31 
Yeah, warlocks became very easy for my on my rogue once I got cloak of shadows. Premeditation - cheapshot - 5 point eviscerate. Cloak of shadows right before stunlock wears off, and here's the fun part. EVERY warlock deathcoils me right when it wears off, and I resist it every time. I bet they die a little on the inside every time it happens. lol

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