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PostPosted: 11 Jun 2006 06:30 
I'd like to actually make this thread, this time. I don't consider this a reposting of the original WC threads as they were terrible.

On saturday we played Paraguay, England were expected to win and that they did. Such a good delivery from David Beckham flew in from the wide left, so much accuracy, so much pace it was a shame it was an own goal from the head of a paraguayian. But to be fair, it was Beckhams skill that got us it in the first minutes.

We dominiated in the rest of the first half, but by the 2nd half we were tired and paraguay, used to hot conditions, were coming out on top. Sven then took MO off and with only crouchey upfront we had no threat really.

But we sat it out and won 1-0, got the three points and have overcome possibly the biggest hurdle. All we gotta do is beat trinidad and tabago which we SHOULD do. Hopefully sweden will trip up aswell making qualification even easier.

Was it fair enough to say England are looking good for the WC? the first half display yes, the 2nd half display no. I'm exicited though its gonna be good.

Here i have to responde to Sauces claim that i said england are going to win, i didn't, i said they are looking good for a decent stab at it, which i think is true. And btw compare zltan, freddie ljungberg, kallstrom, larrson, mellburg, the list goes on, to any USA player and you can clearly see sweden are far better then the USA.

Added after 2 minutes:

In other news, argentina beat the ivory coast 2 - 1.

today is the exicting match between the netherlands and serbia. I'm personally going for the serbs as i have belief in their young dark horse talents, and in turn have no belief in marco van basten. However i think holland player - for - player are a better side, but i can forsee them not playing well together.

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PostPosted: 11 Jun 2006 06:43 
I didn't see whta Sauce said but I think I get the drift..
USA they are ranked 5th in the world currently BUT they are complete and utter shit. They play crappy teams so they a high win rate, they then play a team like Germany, who are ranked something like 17th, and lose 4-1.

And today, i believe Holland will have a comfortable win, they are 12-1 to win the world cup, I think Holland have a decent chance this year.

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PostPosted: 11 Jun 2006 06:59 
Thing about the USA is they build a team with a lot of immigrants, the players play in the USA's league, so they can get the squad for the WC early and give them a lot of practise, only their European based players will be as exhausted as everyone else.

For example Greece won euro 2004 because everyone else was exhausted, and they had been practising their defence in relaxed conditions for ages.

they also have no competition in qualifying, they have 1 team that has got decent players and that’s mexico, but there are 4 places in the world cup for concacaf so they could lose to them every time they played them and still qualify. (and hey, Mexico suck anyway).

So USA always have a decent stab at the WC. Put them into the UEFA qualifying and considering that euro groups always have 2 top seeded teams in 1 group and 1 automatic space, i doubt they would win the group very often, meaning they'd have to go to the play-offs, and they wouldn’t win that every time.

Let's look at England’s UEFA WC qualifying group.

I can't remember them all but there was

N. Ireland

All these teams the USA aren't guaranteed to beat. Say we take austria out and put USA in, i'd put USA 3rd behind england and poland. that means not even an outside chance of going to the WC. Maybe they'd finish 2nd, but the USA coming out top of that group? no way. (remember, the USA lost 2 – 0 to England reserves in Chicago, 2 Kieran Richardson goals O__o )

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PostPosted: 11 Jun 2006 07:08 
Just a note on the German's defence. yes i've played flat back 2 also in my many years of football (high lvl, well highest in aus, and some overseas - singapore Razz ) and unless u have 2 defenders who know each other inside out, don't even need to look at where each other is, and don't have to rely on verbal communication - then it's never going to work 100%. Mr Wonchope is a brilliant timer of his runs, and he was ripping them apart. If he had 3 decent midfielders to play balls onto his runs everytime, im telling you now costa rica would've scored 2 more goals. The Germans need to go back to the good ole 3 in back when playing teams like Costa Rica. Get the beckenbauer out again and just sweep the backline then thread a nice ball through slicing the oppositions midfield, and BOOM let little Lahm run onto it, play a nice ball through to Klose at the back post and whamo! Smile

Sweden and Trinidad well hey your always going to have a game like that every now and then. Spend 3/4 of the game in the opponents half, and like 1/4 of the game in their 18yrd box and not be able to score a goal. On any other day Sweden would've won 2-0 or 3-0 at least.

England, well unless they pull their socks up within the next few matches then they will just be bitter dissapointment yet again. Never being able to stand up to their expectations - with a team of superstars. They need to pick 1 midfielder, either Gerrard or Lampard, the 2 don't work together imho. But if they learn to then it'll be magic all over the ground!

Im just waiting for Brazil, Italy, Czech Republic and Holland to play then i'll draw my conclusion on which 2 teams will be in final.

Been some great games so far though. Let's see how the Dutch fare agains the Serbs tonight. oh btw uSA psft who are they? lol

Think of another name to call that crappy NFL shit. Where they have 2 different sets of players, defense. Yes they r fat, strong and some can run fast, but it is one of the slowest games EVER! now please, the 1.5billion people who tuned into the Germany vs Costa Rica game can't be wrong about Football being the best sport on the EARTH!

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PostPosted: 11 Jun 2006 07:14 
I think the germans are cheatin' like the s.koreans might have done in 2002 Very Happy

did you see those goals? zomg!! but as soon as lampard and gerrard try em they go sky high lol, and these 2 players are famous for their long range shots!

heh, well i'm actually really looking forward to serbia vs holland, in my mind i rate the two teams as equals.

however i disagree with you saying italy holland and the czechs might be going to the final, i doubt those 3 teams will, i'm looking to argentia or france. the argies beat probably the best african team 2 - 1 and i think france may not f- up this time.

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PostPosted: 11 Jun 2006 10:10 
Serbia beating Netherlands? van Nistelroy (sp?) and Robben are far better than anything Serbia has to offer.

And Poland's better than the U.S. now, too? The same Poland team that was seriously outplayed by Ecuador the other day?

And lmao at England's matches...WOW, so amanzingly hard. Austria, Poland, and two very, very small countries. I hope you guys survived! The way Poland's looked, they might've come in 4th in the U.S.'s group....behind the U.S., Mexico, and possibly Trinidad. Seriously man, no team in England's group is as good as Mexico, so it's stupid to act like we had such an easy road and you dueled it out to get here.

BIAS BIAS BIAS BIAS...shutup already.

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PostPosted: 11 Jun 2006 10:18 
what i really wondered about is that all matches i have seen so far (including the one running just right now, NED - SCG 1-0) have been somehow worse then our first match vs. costa rica.

i dont think that has ever happened before, we even scored more goals then the whole group "b" yesterday.

just wanted to point that out, btw i still dont think were gonna win though ;]

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PostPosted: 11 Jun 2006 11:39 
lol sauce stfu seriously you know like zero about football, stick to your crappy NFL shit please.

I didnt get to watch holland tonight, too busy drinking lol. But no top teams have impressed me so far. Saw the highlights of holland game and they showed nothing spectacular, england aren't showing much, the Deutsch didn't prove themselves worthy. So im waiting on the rest. The Czech are always the dark horse, and just maybe it's time for the dark horse to rise and take the win.

Lol now Sauce you newb what did you say? something about no team in England's group being as good as any in USA's group?

"Seriously man, no team in England's group is as good as Mexico, so it's stupid to act like we had such an easy road and you dueled it out to get here."

LOl then wtf are Sweden and Paraguay dude? lol Are you like sleeping on that planet that you wish was called "united states of wankers"? Sweden always have 1 classy outfit happening. Paraguay are always danger danger, and USA are always crap lol.

Now you may have Italy and Czech, who are both going to qualify, but hey... those teams ain't THAT crash hot, they're nothing like a Brasil, or Germany, or France. Who are 99% of the time going to qualify to next round. Czech are beatable, so are Itlay. They are just dangerous sides just like Paraguay. NOW STFU AND BLOW A COW MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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PostPosted: 11 Jun 2006 12:05 
http://www.kontraband.com/show/show.asp ... dex-topten

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PostPosted: 11 Jun 2006 12:29 
Kampf he is trying to say Poland and Austria aren’t as good as the usa or Mexico for some reason, when obviously they are, I’d rate them all the same, Poland slightly better. (Poland a small country? you lose geography points)

Anyway g.j in saying van nistlerooij is good, he had to be the worst player on the pitch today, (not to mention the fact man united have preferred Rooney and saha over him the last 4-5 months). Try telling any serb that van nistlerooij "outclasses" kezman, haha. Dejan Stankovic and Kodoman "outclassed by van nistlerooij" ha. Seriously sauce, gtfo.

Serbia were unlucky, it went holland's way, fair even game imo.

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PostPosted: 11 Jun 2006 12:44 
ComradeLENIN wrote:
(Poland a small country? you lose geography points)

Are you f- retarded, man? Do you purposely make up your own, incorrect words out of my context?

What I said was...
Austria, Poland, and two very, very small countries.

Two very, very small countries-MEANING WALES AND NORTHERN IRELAND, dumbass.

Try telling any serb that van nistlerooij "outclasses" kezman, haha.

Do you have ANY clue as to what bias is? You're a complete moron, man.

A few things about van Nistelrooy...number one, how the f- did you come up with "nistlerooij"...I mean, I know I was off, but only by an extra letter. Holy shit, what the f- is a "nistlerooij."

Secondly, I know he's been outed by Manchester, but that's a completely different level of soccer. Club play does not equate to the national level. He scored SEVEN goals in qualifying and you claim he's the "worst player on the pitch." YOU GTFO. And I also noted Robben, who, coincidentally, scored the lone goal today. STFU.

he is trying to say Poland and Austria aren’t as good as the usa or Mexico for some reason, when obviously they are

Yeah, Poland and Austria have looked GREAT thus far. And Mexico's up 1-0 as we speak.

Biased f-.

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PostPosted: 11 Jun 2006 12:51 
Well mexico and iran and currently 1-1

my point that poland and austria are as good as the usa and the matches are not fore-gone conclusions stand (usa in uefa qualifying)

i said try telling any serb coz they would be the ones who care and know how good their players are, but try telling any self repecting fan who knows about the current game that van nistlerooij is better then stankovic and you'll be laughed at.

I used nistelrooij getting dropped by his club team as evidence as his fall from grace, qualifying has been going on for ages, RVN was better when he was qualifying, plus holland would have been playing much lesser teams then serbia.

and the dutch spell his name with an ij.

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PostPosted: 11 Jun 2006 13:09 
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PostPosted: 11 Jun 2006 13:20 
ComradeLENIN wrote:
I used nistelrooij getting dropped by his club team as evidence as his fall from grace, qualifying has been going on for ages, RVN was better when he was qualifying, plus holland would have been playing much lesser teams then serbia.

He's fallen off with his club, but his value to the national team is still immensely great. Besides, Holland won today. I watched the entire game and they certainly outplayed the Serbs...they had far more chances to score and they controlled the pace of the game from the beginning.

and the dutch spell his name with an ij.

fair enough.

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PostPosted: 11 Jun 2006 13:29 
they subbed RVN off for kuijt, which was a damn good idea. i'd say holland edged it, close game though. they are lucky robben has found his form again. he played like he played before his injury today but the serbs werent without chances. koroman or whatever his name is was magical.

and van pussie (persie) is a diving cheat, but we knew that already

Added after 4 minutes:

and scotland aren't in it this year, anacian (as usual)

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PostPosted: 11 Jun 2006 20:48 
International Round-up

Holland 1 - 0 Serbia.

A good tough game between two fairly equal nations saw Holland come out on top. Robben was the star of the show, i think without him it would have been really different. Holland are lucky to have him back at his best, recently he has sucked for chelsea. W/o him the dutch wouldnt have scored imo, RVN was a piece of shit as i have earlier explained, and kuijt wasnt much better, however it was a positive move to bring RVN off so early. I applaud marco van basten.

Serbia didn't really have much capacity up front, the dutch defended well and to be fair zigic despite being 6'8 didnt really have much ability and savo milosovic coming off indicated this serbian striking problem. Kezman couldnt do it alone, espeically since hes a very deep style of striker, serbia lost imo, because zigic and savo let them down. Serbia looked dangerous from the midfield though, however thats not gonna get you goals every game. Kodoman was awesome, i was epecially impressed by him.

Unfortunatly now for the serbs they gotta beat both ivory coast and the argies to get in, not easy, holland need only one win to qualify - i think they may beat ivory coast. I'd say argentina will win this group, holland 2nd.

Now moving on from the toughest group in the world cup to the easiest...

Mexico 3 - 1 Iran

I think we were all hoping Iran and the USA to qualify so they could play each other, however, Iran have got a big task on their hands now.

The game was exciting and relativly equal. The sides went in 1 - 1 at half time and it could have gone either way, Mexico finally got the break through, then cemented it with another after Iran fell to pieces at the back. A job well done for the mexicans, this was a decisive game in this group, i dont think iran have much chance now and mexico the opposite.

This group is refered to as "the easy group" and thats probably true, Portugal are expected to walk it, mexico today probably proved that they can be the runner up, it depends now if the mexicans can beat angola.

Portugal 1 - 0 Angola

This group has got no south american sides in it, but it does have a european side, portugal. They will be a laughing stock if they dont qualify top of this group, so the pressure is on.

I dont think portugal perticualy played well against the inferior angola, a 3rd minute goal was all that seperated them, it was a bit paraguay englandish (just both teams are slightly worse Razz ) and if i was mexican right now, i'd be eyeing up maybe even a win against the portugese to snatch top spot.

However my hypothesis remains that portugal will walk this group, 2nd spot is open, it will lie in the angola vs mexico match. Iran will need to beat angola and get a result against portugal if they want in, i doubt they can get much off the portugese.

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PostPosted: 11 Jun 2006 20:56 
Robben tries to do too much by himself. The dutch could have had a few more goals if he wasnt so gutsy.

(Does anyone actually read all of what Lenin posts on the match?)

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PostPosted: 11 Jun 2006 21:56 
I wish I could find this soccer stuff entertaining, but I just can't get into it. I've watched some pretty good collegiate soccer, and its certainly a great measure of athleticism and skill...but its just back and forth forever, which is boring to watch.

My order of ESPN watchage:

American Football
Special Olympics
Actual Football (I'll concede that its not soccer, although its grounds for war (er, I mean liberation) that this "world" cup isn't called "America" cup. Bullshit that a cup would pass some global test like its thought up by John Kerry or something)
Tennis (with hot russian chicks)
Tennis (anyone else playing)

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PostPosted: 12 Jun 2006 00:14 
Let's see how the Aussies fare against the japanese outfit tonight. This might be a good game. The Austrailan team has a lot of pressure on them to perform, Football isn't the most watched sport here in Austraila, AFL is (Australian Football League - check it out if u haven't heard of it, probably the most entertaining sport around). Even though more people play football than AFL here in Australia, Football just hasn't taken off in the media and such, but if the Football team do well in the World Cup then WHAMO popularity is going to SKYROCKET! let's hope schwarzer, besciano, viduka, and kewell can actually play together.

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PostPosted: 12 Jun 2006 06:18 
i heard that football was the biggest sport in australia, recently over taking rugby. I watched like, some team, damn ive forgotten who, play australia, oh yeah! greece. and the stadium was a massive multi perpose stadium, and it was packed, i was really impressed since it was a friendly against a minor european nation who aren't even in the world cup. (although they are euro champs).

Anyway aus looked pretty shaky at the back, especially the goalie, who wasnt schwatzer, but schwatzer is equally crap at middlesborough imo, and they are in a tricky group, however japan are not amazing so it'll be close.

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PostPosted: 12 Jun 2006 06:28 
The Dutch defended well?
Try putting Jaap Stam in there... Then they'd have good defense.

Holland sucked completely.

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PostPosted: 12 Jun 2006 06:36 
Johnny Heitinga was class imo, the dutch just managed to shut it out. Serbians blamed their manager for not attacking the dutch more tactically, but you can only beat (or defend against) whats in front of you.

I'd be kicking my self if i was a serb, but thats the way it is.

and i'm not going to play a game of summer footy to watch the usa-czech match now lol. mainly because of sauce, and i wanna be able to know exactly what happens so i can pawn him and his leaky knowledge.

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PostPosted: 12 Jun 2006 07:57 
omg Jaap Stam! Whatever happened to him? Hes retired by now surely?

I liked the serbs defence, they always managed to get into that 2 lines of 4 really well.

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PostPosted: 12 Jun 2006 08:12 
Jaap Stam was pure class, haven't heard from him in a while...and Sauce, you have the cheek to say England have had it easy? Lets see your recent games and the results, as im sure your a master of FOOTBALL (any1 who says soccer needs to die)

Check it out:

1 March 2006
USA 1-0 Poland

22 March 2006
Germany 4-1 USA

11 April 2006
USA 1-1 Jamaica

23 May 2006
USA 0-1 Morocco

26 May 2006
USA 2-0 Venezuela

28 May 2006
USA 1-0 Latvia

5 June 2006
USA 1-0 Angola

I can see 1 half decent team there, and USA were destroyed.

Added after 1337 minutes:

Oh, and lets just add who England have played:





Go back to a sport you know something about, Sauce.

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PostPosted: 12 Jun 2006 09:23 
Dodge, apart from germany those fixtures look like even games. oh and jamacia, usa should of beaten them.

and i dont think even sauce would say the usa are better then england.

however back to the WC, japan vs aus at the moment.

czechs should batter the usa at 5, but as i say the usa have nothing better to do them prepare all year, they will be fresh and well organised. the czechs all play at high level european clubs so they'll be tired.

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PostPosted: 12 Jun 2006 10:21 
Dodge, the USA played Germany without a number of it's great players...including Donovan and Beasley. Same goes for the match against Jamaica. Bruce Arena, our coach, admitted that it was a big mistake playing Germany without our best.

England lost to NORTHERN IRELAND in qualifying...c'mon now, it's clear no one is perfect...

And Randel said Poland is better than the USA, too...

And correct, I never said the USA is better than England. England IS better, I just don't think there's is that big of a disparity. You guys speak like England is the best and USA is worse than most European teams that England would destroy.

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PostPosted: 12 Jun 2006 10:30 
England are by no means the best, like Kampf said, if England learned to play together then we would be one of the best, but you cannot say England, or infact most teams, have had it easier than the USA have. And while your on the topic of losing big players, England have a few big players who have injuries, and we can still win.

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PostPosted: 12 Jun 2006 10:32 
I know, because England's deeper than the U.S.

Our starters, especially our midfield, are crucial to our success.

Added after 19 minutes:

Wow AWESOME game for the Aussies...

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PostPosted: 12 Jun 2006 10:57 
Why isn't Freddy Adu in the USA squad? Injury? or just not chosen?

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PostPosted: 12 Jun 2006 10:59 
now that is the best game YET! aussies played f- so good. Controlled the game from start to finish. The goal the nippers scored was only because they fouled schwarzer - but that's soccer. Fukin cahill the assy c- rips 2 goals in 5mins, then aloisi finishes it off at 92mins lol. man im gona go pull my dick lol.

oh yeh that aussies vs greece game was massive because Melbourne is the 2nd biggest city containing a greek population(2nd to Athens lol). We have a full stadium that night, 96,000+ (i was there of course lol).


now we have to beat Croatia and WE ARE PRETTY MUCH THROUGH TO NXT ROUND!

Added after 2 minutes:

well I just put my money on the Czech's. Started with $100 at start of World Cup, and im up to $160 so far :Þ

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PostPosted: 12 Jun 2006 11:02 
Nice 1 aussie boys, i liked the game, and to be fair the best team came out on top, i like the aussies, they drink good beer.

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PostPosted: 12 Jun 2006 11:07 
hehe yeah we did deserve to win that game. We were attacking for like 80% of the game lol and just couldn't find the net, almost similar to Sweden's game.

Im sure there was thousands and thousands of beer being drunk over tonight's game lol

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PostPosted: 12 Jun 2006 11:11 
Dodge of x2 wrote:
Why isn't Freddy Adu in the USA squad? Injury? or just not chosen?

He wasn't chosen. There was controversy a year ago when this happened because he blamed his coach for MLS for restricting his time and taking away his chance to make the team.

Regardless, I don't think the kid would've made much of an impact yet. He's so young, but his talent is there. Each year his scoring goes up.

He will certainly be on the team next World Cup. And I wouldn't be surprised if he's our best player at age 20 or 21.

Hopefully the U.S. can shut down Koller today...our speedy midfield will hopefully wreak havoc.

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PostPosted: 12 Jun 2006 12:03 
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I used nistelrooij getting dropped by his club team as evidence as his fall from grace

No. van Nistelrooy was dropped from the first team when he was top-scorer of the Premiership, and the club's top-scorer. There was no fall from grace in terms of his performance. His frayed relationship with Sir Alex and alleged "bullying" of Cristiano Ronaldo resulted in him being dropped.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nistelrooy ... t_the_Club

but try telling any self repecting fan who knows about the current game that van nistlerooij is better then stankovic and you'll be laughed at.

No. Van Nistelrooy is world-class striker. Stankovic is a good midfielder. There is absoloutly no basis for a comparison between the two unless you look at their performance in their own position. van Nistelrooy is a better striker than Stankovic is a midfielder, evidenced by van Nistelrooy's record in the Champions League.

Try telling any serb that van nistlerooij "outclasses" kezman, haha

You have to be shitting me. Everyone knows Kezman has a better record in the Eriedivision, but Kezman comes no-where close to van Nistelrooys record in international football and the Premiership.


- 2004-2005 Chelsea (ENG). 25 matches, 4 goals
- 2000-2006 SCG 48 matches, 17 goals

Van Nistelrooy

- 2001-2006 Manchester United (ENG). 218 matches, 149 goals
- 1998-2006 Netherlands . 52 matches, 27 goals

Do the math. I would tell "any serb" that van Nistelrooy outclasses Kezman and they would like it. Anyone who actually believes Kezman is a better striker than van Nistelrooy has no knowledge of football or a personal vendetta against van Nistelrooy. You have both.

Furthermore, van Nistelrooy had a below average game. He was far from the worst player on the pitch, and even if he were, one game does not signal the decline of a player. Owen was total shite against paraguay, but I bet it won't stop you jerking into a cup all weekend if he ever actually stays on the pitch long enough to score a goal.

United States have a much harder group than England. Italy and the Czech Republic are two of the best teams in the world. Arena is a good coach and I hope the United States do progress to the next stage though I admit it's not probable. The States have a good team but they are dependent on their best players because of their lack of depth. If the weather stays like it has been they will have a better chance. Apparently some English players lost 10 pounds of weight as a result of the Paraguay match.

There are big disparities in the World Cup in terms of the strength of teams, but (with the exception of the extreme polarised teams) most teams are capable of beating any other. In my opinion England have the best team on paper, but football isn't played on paper. If England did eventually meet the U.S. I would expect a win for "us", because we do have the stronger-side, BUT, the U.S are more than capable of beating England. I would be shitting bricks.

Belo Horizonte, Brazil, June 19, 1950. Anyone?

Oh yea, and why is everyone being a complete dickhead towards sauce? There's no f- wonder most Americans don't follow in Football if everytime they show any interest they are shot down for no good reason.

And congratulations to the Aussies.


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PostPosted: 12 Jun 2006 12:32 
I like what this guy has to say, i agree with it all^

BUT, the fans have nothing to do with what sport America follows...The English are just passionate about football, and i don't see a huge problem with it, and i dont have a problem with sauce, its all friendly banter.

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PostPosted: 12 Jun 2006 13:14 
the reason stupid americans dont follow football that much is because they suck at it, and everybody in the world bar themselves know that USA ain't the best, and they can't blatantly speak crap about them being the best, like they do with pretty much any other sports they compete in.

USA have a shit squad, 2 players - Reyna and Donovan, oh and maybe your keeper Keller, so let's make it 3 world class players. The rest is poop. Arena as much as I can't stand him, has done well. This is probably USA's best squad ever.

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PostPosted: 12 Jun 2006 13:22 
America should have a better team just because of the sheer size of their nation.

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PostPosted: 12 Jun 2006 13:39 
Stewieeeeeee7 wrote:
America should have a better team just because of the sheer size of their nation.
Yes... let a few gluttonous faggots shape the image of our contry. Good work, f-.

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PostPosted: 12 Jun 2006 13:46 
Ha, you are so wrong, "pirate dance".

RVN is a typical goal poaching piece of shit, its obvious why he was dropped man united couldn’t afford to carry a player who needs everything put on a plate for him, they needed players with more then one string to their bow.

When man united had hardly any competition, he was fine, he racked up loads of goals because united were good enough compared to their opposition to have a player like him.

Now with better sides like Chelsea, and Liverpool as well as the old rival arsenal, Ferguson clearly knows he needs to be got rid of. RVN is not world class, he’s shit, hes NEVER scored outside of the freaking penalty area (apart from in once friendly in holland, and that was a huge hit and hope lobbed effort, not really a classic strikers 20 yarder). The last few months he’s been completely useless, holland vs serbia summed him up, a player who little kids like because he can goal hang and get all the glory. A player corperations love because hes the one who celebrates his tap-ins that a good team has worked hard to make, but unable 90% of the time to provide unless he is spoon fed.

Stankovic at inter is a genius, a geniune talent, RVN is a typical goal hanger whose glory days are over. Can you believe that he was once compared to Henry? Yeah he was because he used to be able to score, man united used to be able to carry a lazy goal hanger. Now look, henry is the best player in the world, RVN is a PoS who only little man united supporter kiddies and idiots who don’t watch the game still like.

there are loads of strikers way better then RvN. Kezman being one of them, at psv hes a goal machine, at Athelico hes also good. Strikers aren't all about their goals, kezman is almost an attacking midfielder, you think RVN could be asked to play anywhere apart from in the other teams final third? nope.

But screw kezman, he was just one example of a superior presence in serbia vs holland. Think of the scores of strikers who are far better then RvN.

At his own club Saha and Rooney are better then him. Saha is in way better form, Rooney has leagues of talent which RVN does not have.

Henry, way better. Shevva way better. Owen, different style but leagues better. Crouch, more useful. Hey these are only the preimiership strikers who he is inferior to, think of all the continental talent who shadow him, if he does to italy he will be even more laughable with players like Adriano kicking about.

Whether this conspiracy theory (dont try using wikipedia as proof, dumbass) is true or not, its obvious RVN is second rate. Unable to do it for his team or country on the highest levels.

Added after 1 minutes:

Scottius wrote:
Stewieeeeeee7 wrote:
America should have a better team just because of the sheer size of their nation.
Yes... let a few gluttonous faggots shape the image of our contry. Good work, f-.

You're joking right? theres more footballers in the USA then people in the czech republic. that's all stew was saying. (3-0 to the czechs at the moment, lol).

 Post subject: Todays action
PostPosted: 12 Jun 2006 16:57 
Australia 3 - 1 Japan

Only managed to see bits of this. Japan looked pretty sexy imo, their goal was a foul on schwartzer though. Australia turned up the heat when i counted an japan fell at their feet. Australia have done them selves a massive favour towards qualifying, but its far from over. croatia + brazil to come.

USA 0 - 3 Czech Republic

USA were pretty much pawned. A couple of flashes saw chances for them, looked like it was from the training ground. But Czechs have the natural ability, comfortable victory.

Italy 2 - 0 Ghana

Good preformance from the italians, Ghana seemed to take one too many touches. Italy had bags of chances.

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