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Author:  ominex5 [ 06 Dec 2006 10:25 ]
Post subject:  work together

ok...so iv tryed alot and faild....but..i was thinking we make ref cloak look like arcane robe...but instead of blue its red!!!

Author:  Ripvanwinkle [ 08 Dec 2006 13:48 ]
Post subject:  its not hard

take the arcane color and put into photoshop and edit all blue color to red and if u want make the dots yellowish orange then replace that into the ref cloak folder or edit it with it and Vwala red arcane robes

Author:  Old Greg [ 08 Dec 2006 16:01 ]
Post subject: 

wow red arc robes rip can u do that 4 me plz =]

Author:  ominex5 [ 09 Dec 2006 01:36 ]
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ya lol its to hard plz do it

Author:  Ripvanwinkle [ 09 Dec 2006 02:05 ]
Post subject:  hmm

im really high right now and i cant see anything i can do it tomarrow ill have alot of time i got 1 day off at work finally maybe i can do somemore skins

Author:  ominex5 [ 09 Dec 2006 13:19 ]
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Author:  Ripvanwinkle [ 09 Dec 2006 14:18 ]
Post subject:  ..

What do i use for ref cloak skin? can i get like a picture of the skin and the area i use?

Author:  ominex5 [ 09 Dec 2006 14:20 ]
Post subject: 

its like uh.......wiz.bmp...look in the skin from black ref cloak...its in there

Author:  Ripvanwinkle [ 09 Dec 2006 14:22 ]
Post subject:  aaah

many thanks

Author:  Ripvanwinkle [ 09 Dec 2006 14:23 ]
Post subject:  hmm

i want to make it nice so im gonna head to my other house and use the good photo editor i have on my other computer bbl and ill have the skin when i return

Author:  ominex5 [ 09 Dec 2006 14:31 ]
Post subject: 

k gl man

Author:  Shona_rona [ 19 Dec 2006 08:41 ]
Post subject: 

can u post the file and a screenei of it plz wen ur finished

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