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Author:  xGiRx [ 11 Jul 2005 05:13 ]
Post subject:  My...Journal...

I've decided to only write in this journal when I'm high. It might be entertaining, but I doubt it.

So like... these sounds make out words. It's messed up... BOOM CLASH. It's like trippy music... but I love it. And I petted my cat for like a minute. It doesn't make sense. AHHHHH NEVER LISTEN TO DAFT PUNK WHILE HIGH! Whoaaaa it's so random and weird. Ahahahah I hope noone's reading this. How the hell do black holes exist?!?! Like... they're so MAGNETIC and crap whoaaa. IMAGINE SUCKING IN LIGHT like a black hole... wtf.

So anyway, I made a new paragraph, so it would be easier to read, even though noone's reading this. Why would a monkey laugh, and what would it sound like? Damn cottonmouth sucks... So ohow are cats like fuzzy...why are they fuzzy, it's like god wants us to pet them... for a cause. TO FEED THEM HORSES!! WTF. B-B-B-BASSSSSSS!! WTF! Ahahaahahahahah.

OWWW my cat just jumped up and clawed my arm WTF. Whats with pain anyway its like a sensation to tell you youre doin something wrong. like if youre burning off your face you know you shouldnt because of paiN!!! i get it now... really. pain. hahahah EMO kids are gay. Omg my life sucks ima go sit in the corner and listen to linkin park. hahahahah.

ME RIKEY VERY MUCH!!! ahahahahahhaahahahh japanese people are funny. LET ME HEAR YOU SAY YEAH!!!! BLOUUUUURRS!! Mentos are not freshmakers. How can you make fresh? You can't, quit trying!! /\/\ / /\/ / \/ /\ /\/ ITS NOT MINIVAN ITS JUST SLASHES JUST LOOK!!Why would cats fight each other. sweet i have huge scratch marks on my arm, f- cats. OK Im trippin out way too bad right now I gotta sleep or walk or something god damn.


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