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Author:  artus [ 17 Apr 2005 11:01 ]
Post subject:  farley...

anyways so i figured ide start posting on this name again instead of Detox cuz hes gettin boring and all... uhm hmmmm i dunno i guess im sexy... i got a stomache ache and uh feel poopy haha

Author:  artus [ 18 Apr 2005 16:45 ]
Post subject: 

OMFG i seriously am so excited dude 2 days is all i gotta wait, im gonna get so f- from not mokin for the weekend OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!

Author:  artus [ 25 Apr 2005 18:02 ]
Post subject: 

started chawin again today, cant really say i like it but these nicotine cravings kill me, and i dont wanna smoke because well i smoke enough pot as it is, dont need more smoke... skoal frost...its not the sexiest thing but it sure does relax me for school... i been chewing the f- out of my nails lately from the cravings...

today i put up like 30posters in the hallways and shit saying that my b-day was national skirt day and for all the ladies to wear theirs unless their ugly haha, anyways by like 6th hour everyone who saw me was like haha unless their ugly, wednesday ima hang up like 200 i think, i wanna see some ass doggy...

turday my b day, prolly gonna pic up some podunk and chill...downloaded the sweetest song yesterday...ghetto boys-damn it feels good--hahahahaha anyways peace out, omg just realized whats on my playlist atm, r kelly worlds greatest, god damn loll...i am a giant, i am an eagle, i am a lion in the jungle, i am the marching band, i am the people, i am a helping hand, hahah omg k ill stop

Author:  artus [ 28 Apr 2005 18:09 ]
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birfday dawgs... f- off

Author:  artus [ 28 Apr 2005 20:36 ]
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ok so i read like alot of these boards and i realized to myself that i needa quit xen, the people that play this game, for the most part are doucehbags, the only people i actually like in this game are either
a:all older then me by many years
b:dont really play xen cuz they realized this too
c:are just a rare person in xen haha...

Author:  artus [ 30 Apr 2005 21:26 ]
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im grounded for the weekend for hiding my report card, anyways i got a q yesterday so it hasent been that bad, but im gettn bored and listening to tom petty roll another joint so im thinkin in aboot 15 ima go moke my mind into obliss...

Author:  artus [ 07 May 2005 13:41 ]
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got f- wasted out of my mind last nite, all i remeber is going to this kegger, then seeing this bitch i dont like from school, so a couple of us left, and then i forgot...but it was good...

Author:  artus [ 15 May 2005 12:04 ]
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damn got so slop johnson the past 2 nites, f- a...i stayed up till like 5 last nite cuz i could fall asleep, was like twiggin out... haha anyways good times, peace out

Author:  artus [ 16 May 2005 19:25 ]
Post subject: 

f- a i am like f- pissed as f- for no reason... withdrawls!!f- HOW DO IT ITS BETTER THEN I EVER NEW!!!!!!MAKE ME FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL f- off

Author:  artus [ 04 Jun 2005 18:50 ]
Post subject: 

wtf man, drunk as f- right now and wtf im still on my last warning and yet its been like 7months since i got that warning and its still my last one...

Author:  artus [ 18 Jun 2005 11:21 ]
Post subject: 

summaaaaaa timmmmmmmeeeeeee

Author:  artus [ 21 Jun 2005 14:06 ]
Post subject: 

god i hate packin shit... gotta spend all today washing every peice of clothing i got... gotta clean my room up like spotless and pack all my clothes for mah mums house... 4 hours of flying tomorrow is gonna suck dick for coke, but o well itll be a nice 3 weeks to sit on my ass and relax...hopefully i find some bud while im out their or im gonna be pissed... anyways peace the f- out

Author:  artus [ 03 Aug 2005 14:15 ]
Post subject: 

so the past 2 days have suckd major ass...

last year i got an infection in my gums and root in the area of 3 teeth... from wrestling and getting hit in the mouth 3 of the teeths roots were killed so they can become infected so i was gonna get the 3 teeth root canaled anyways the dentist is like the 3rd tooth doesnt seem to need a root canal so well just wait and see so f- great now almost a year later the tooth he didnt do has an infection. An infection in ur teeth roots and gumbs is the worst pain ive ever felt and i have a pretty high tolerance for pain, ive cut my finger tip off, stabed myself with a kniofe in the forehead had a hairline fracture in my knee and alt of other shit lol... but this is by far the worst pain, it was was last year with 3 teeth f- throbbin but 1 tooth throbbin is makin me take 2 maotrin 800's... f-...

Author:  artus [ 04 Aug 2005 09:02 ]
Post subject: 

lol i cant feel my fingerz from the vicoden pwnage

Author:  artus [ 16 Aug 2005 00:06 ]
Post subject: 

im f- wasted i seriously have no idea what is going on the f- on... smoked like 2 grams then drank a pint o m h i seriously am freakin the f- ouy

Author:  artus [ 13 Sep 2005 18:06 ]
Post subject: 

so like today at lunch i did my thing... *caugh* so then i go to 5th hour and everything is good ya know teachers like blah blah im like yah yah sweet then we wrtie some h/w... i go to 6th hour and i take a quiz and shit and my teacher calls me into another room and shes like your eyes look glossy and your eyes are half open, then she claimed that i was under the influence of something so i was like ok lady w/e im fine... then she calls the principle to escort me to his office... so then the principles are all surrounding me making me empty my pockets and show em my socks etc...(side story-- so at lunch this kid walter asked me to use my lighter and i forgot to get it back from him) all the usual places, they tried to give me memory tests and stuff about what i did earlier in the day etc... so anyways the principles like ya you dont have anything like a lighter or parafanailia or any substance's on you, luckily they didnt check my wallet cuz i had some zig zags in there but im glad i forgot to gt my lighter cuz that would have been 1-3days suspended... SOOO anyways they let me go for that but i always get f- one way or another so when they were checking my shit out they saw i had a mini swiss army knife on my keychain with some scissors a blade and a file... so i get 1-9days out of school, 1 for sure and the rest is pending on superintendant etc... and i always use those scissors to cut "stuff" with and my principle was all sniffin them and shit it was halarious... anyways im pissed cuz i got suspended for no good reason... i get called down for something and then get f- for omething else... oh well i didnt get in real trouble by the p's so its basicly a couple days off school... lol anyways peace

Author:  artus [ 30 Oct 2005 11:13 ]
Post subject: 

last nite was pretty damn good... drank like 4 margaritas, a 6pack of budlight, 2 french fries er uh some xanax poles... and a quarter ounce of weed... uhmmm i dont really remember any of it all i remember is f- the shit outta this colombian bitch named kerri... that was before the xanys thoough... after that i dunno it just felt like i was asleep or something just cant remeber shit...dunno how i got homee or likke where thesee bitches went or anything kinds pisses me off but oh well... theres always next weekend

Author:  artus [ 30 Oct 2005 13:56 ]
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seriously naps are so good, i feel like 100x better then i did when i woke up the first time today...

Author:  artus [ 17 Dec 2005 16:54 ]
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lol mmm bacardi gold

Author:  artus [ 18 Dec 2005 19:10 ]
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DAYUM wops caps, bacardi gold gets girls f- drunk and horny, just a tip to all u guys out there... fri+sat night is like a blurr lol today i have the worst hangover ever...

Author:  artus [ 02 Jan 2006 14:31 ]
Post subject: 

wow... what a f- up weekend... pretty much just drawing a blank on how to describe it so i guess ill just say f-...

Author:  artus [ 23 Jan 2006 17:30 ]
Post subject: 

llloll f- wow, i gotta stop partying so hard, my mind is just getting completly fried...

Author:  artus [ 26 Jan 2006 11:51 ]
Post subject: 

im so f- stoned right now, i just smoked a bowl of some afghan dro with keef sprinkled on top to myself... i am f- lit...

Author:  artus [ 24 Mar 2006 18:42 ]
Post subject: 

bronchitis owns me

Author:  artus [ 21 Apr 2006 22:33 ]
Post subject: 

i feel like such a fag sitting at home on a friday nite...

Author:  artus [ 11 Nov 2006 02:11 ]
Post subject: 

tomorrow is +1 for awesomeness

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