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PostPosted: 17 Jul 2017 02:10 
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Yeah I've been gone for like 3-4 years or so.
I was surprised my password worked lol.

Well anyway I was using the forums on Xenimus..
Ej been responsive to emails and threads but he still can't take constructive criticism on forums.
He didn't ban me but erased three of my posts/threads for just talking about gear and requirements etc.

I had a very well written thread and he erased it.
So for the people who liked my thread before it got erased... I pmed them this message.
So i only got 8 votes are or so before my messages get taken down.
You can all vote if you like.

This was my message.

Hey if you're interested.
I have a thread for it, before it gets taken down lol.

Here's a Poll, I am trying. Models/Gear/hats/helms/items/requirements
This Poll is saying you prefer gear/hats/helms the way it looked in 2004-2014? (i know some models are too old and may be way too ugly, it's just range)

Also includes reducing lvl requirements, so we can use the cool gear through our levels.
Lastly He can add a system where the performance of these items is reduced until a certain level.
I know it will be balance issue, but I am sure it can be figured out.
around 10-15 lvl requirement reduction would make sense. Maybe a few of the new items or mix of older models could be lvl 55-65 requirements. (then again performance reduction idea)


Ill add the results soonish after some votes? I never used this thing before.

No hate. You'll said to do something about it. I don't want to disturb ej with emails.
When I do, maybe i'll try send him link to poll results. Also I DO NOT CARE IF HE DOESN'T CARE, IT'S CALLED TRYING.

Results live.
https://www.poll-maker.com/results11180 ... c-46#tab-2

Ok onto EJ again. He told me don't put polls because people think I will apply that change...
that was Xen forum message crap.

Then I typed this to him.

Ok ill stop with the polls, sorry.
What is the best way?

I can try on other forums (I stopped using them because they are hate this & hate that)
I tried on here first thinking it was ok...

It's just so you have some statistics.
FYI the poll was at 87% favor the old gear models/ also mix of the new gear.
Loki was the only one that voted no.
(any good idea he says no to, he loves being a troll)

YOU AREN'T EXPECTED TO DO ANYTHING, AND I won't EXPECT you to. It's your GAME! We just rent it from you.
I AM Aware.
It's just worth a try, that's all.

thanks for giving just a warning and not banning.

Thanks EJ, just trying to help us all out.

He responded.
8:51 PM (5 hours ago)

to me
Yes I'm sure people were in favor of such a thing. Humans like their traditions and people have good memories of the game, but it's a never ending cycle. Back then people wanted it back further, and back then they wanted further back still.

They also only remember the good things and not the bad. Game balance was horrible and people constantly complained about it, along with a crap load of other things, but they don't remember that do they?
People have selective memories when it comes to that kind of thing, the grass is always greener over there.

This is why I move the game forward, not back.

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